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Mt. Nanming
Bai Shan Zu
IntroductionIn the protection area, the chains of mountains are winding; the stream is flowing;
IntroductionDaji is located 40 kilometers (25 miles) southwest of Jingning She Autonomous County
Longquan Mountain
IntroductionLongquan Mountain Landfill He Fei City, An Hui Province, China  Owned by Enviro
Ruoliao Primitive Forest Scenic
IntroductionRuoliao Primitive Forest Scenic Spot is a national 2A level scenic area, located in
Xiandu Scenic Area
IntroductionXiandu Scenic Area is located in Jinyun County, the scenic area features an enchanti
Daji village
IntroductionDaji village is situated in Qingyuan town with a distance of 2.5 kilometers from the
IntroductionThe central scenic spot of the Dongxiyan Scenic spot has 1.132 square km planning ar
Longquan Porcelain glaze
Introduction The porcelain of Longquan ware represented a great school of southern celadon that
Nanming Mountain
IntroductionNanming Mountain is a provincial-level scenic spot of interest, has stone inscriptio
Stone Gate Cave
IntroductionStone Gate Cave is located o­n the south side of Oujiang River in the northwest
Shisi Temple
IntroductionShisi temple old and classic building group, village and garden city scene, gorge wa
Shuanghougang She minority nationality resort
IntroductionShuanghougang She minority nationality resort is located in Hexi town, She minority
Yanqing Temple
IntroductionYanqing Temple is located o­n northeast of Bao Gong Lake, it's o­ne of t
 Liancheng Hotel adress: 254 Liyang Street (Liyang Jie) 
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